Early in my coaching career, I had to quickly come up with a plethora of solutions to move my students forward in their pursuit of mastering the art of figure skating whether they were a test or competitive skater.

Solving technical issues were a shoe -in,  in comparison to the broad spectrum of other coaching challenges presented day in and day out which I was unprepared for. I learned quickly that a coach does not just show up at the rink, give the technical lesson and then leave. It’s much more complicated!

As a result, “Shower Thoughts” became my solution to problem solve, think creatively and run up my water bill!

So here it goes…my “Shower Thoughts” on paper…

LambieAnn’s Thoughts on Off-ice Training…

When your skating instructor/coach suggests you should train off-ice, it’s not just a good idea, but a really important part of your skating instruction! Do you know why? If not, I’m going to share with you a little of what I know because I have lots of... read more

Part 1 How Fortunate I am Doing Something I Love

When people ask me,  “and what do you do for a living?” How do I respond? Depending on the situation, the person I am meeting or the event I am at, I sometimes joke and tell people I help teach students to jump into the air, spin around a couple of times and land... read more