Meet BarbarAnn Fitzgerald

BarbarAnn is an accomplished PSA Master Rated Figure Skating Coach, ballet instructor, and author/illustrator, with an Art Degree from Colby College, Waterville, Maine. She is married to her best friend, Ray Czech and a mother to four sons, a stepson, a stepdaughter and two darling grandsons.

Over the years, along with her coaching, BarbarAnn has created whimsical Christmas, birthday and all occasion cards. Her creativity has led her to design beautiful heirloom quality 14k stylized gold skating pendants and charming watercolor characters for personalized keepsakes to order. In addition to creating paintings with a touch of humor, she has also produced lovely portraits of children and skaters.

BarbarAnn continues to take requests and follows the lead from her creative ideas. She claims to be always discovering.  This is part of being the person she is.  Art is but another dimension in her life’s adventure.

During a bout with cancer, when she was unable to coach for a time, BarbarAnn further developed her artistic talents. From her whimsical drawings came the award winning book, The Champion Behind The Champion. Her book has become a skater’s favorite read.

The main character, LambieAnn, tells about her skating experiences and the life lessons she has learned through skating.  It is a book popular with readers of all ages.

Young skaters identify with LambieAnn and adore her! Teens are quoted saying, “This is my life.”  Adults receive an overview of the “learn to skate process” and the dedication it takes to become a good athlete.

Presently, BarbarAnn has coauthored/illustrated a book called “The Lion-Hearted Puppy, A Guide Dog’s Journey”. It is a touching story about a very smart and sweet yellow Lab Leader Dog named Maddy, who works very hard to become the eyes for Jim, her eventual partner.

BarbarAnn is also in the process of completing her second book,“Woolie’s Story” in her Champion Behind The Champion Series. Woolie’s story tells about his skating diversity, his family and other experiences he encountered as a male athlete in the skating world. Woolie, like LambieAnn, does strive to be the best he can be.