When people ask me,  “and what do you do for a living?” How do I respond? Depending on the situation, the person I am meeting or the event I am at, I sometimes joke and tell people I help teach students to jump into the air, spin around a couple of times and land on their toe pick! Other times, I say, “I am a professional figure skating coach.” Then other times, I might just say, “I coach figure skating.”

It seems regardless of how I state my chosen profession, I am always met with the response of ,”Oh how exciting! What an interesting and different profession!” I love to watch skating or when I was little, I would have given anything to learn to skate. You are so lucky.”

And, the list goes on… I usually reply, “Yep, I am very lucky!” It’s exciting alright…and different…while thinking, do you have an hour or two for me to bend your ear while I try to figure out why I can’t get one of my students to be on time for her lessons, or how am I to get Suzy Q to stop obsessing with the negative thoughts which impede her performance? Those doubts are so destructive to landing double jumps.  Oh, I love coaching alright and I have many stories to prove it. We coaches all have stories. Some are funny, some are heartwarming, some are sad and others have a twist of irony. Regardless, I, as a figure  skating coach, have taught many, many children along with their families the art and skill of figure skating, which enables me to say, “Yes, I love what I do for a living because I keep doing it even though I could retire.”