The Champion Behind the Champion

Suitable for all children and their parents in any activity. The Champion Behind the Champion book follows LambieAnn through her figure skating career. Like many children, her story begins when she falls in love with the fabulous figure skaters she sees on TV and wants to be just like them. Her career path takes the reader from Learn to Skate classes to eventually becoming an accomplished national competitor complete with many life lessons, disappointments and accomplishments along the way. LambieAnn’s story is truthful, educational and entertaining.

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Congratulations on putting the skating life into words and pictures. The ending couldn’t be better. This book is a must read for young skaters and their parents.

Donald Jackson

1962 World Figure Skating Champion, Co-founder, Jackson Skate Company

BarbarAnn’s new book is a winner! What a great gift for every child interested in figure skating. It is an entertaining and affectionate look at the workings of the figure skating world and Barbara adds such valuable insight. The love of figure skating permeates this beautiful book.


Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Former member US World Figure Skating Team, Author of six books on health and nutrition including Disease Proof Your Child and Eat to Live

LambieAnn’s story is delightful and so imaginative, yet realistic and informative for parents and skaters. BarbarAnn’s engaging illustrations enhance this extraordinarily delightful tale. Congratulations on a skating masterpiece.

Carole Shulman

Former Professional Skaters Association ( PSA) Executive Director, PSA Master Rated Coach and Honorary PSA Life Member

I recommend this book to all kids and to recreational skating adults as a teaching aid and reminder that hard work is required for achievement, even in those born gifted; that one can do best by working at things one loves; that one can do best by working at things for which one has innate ability; that coaches and parental support are required for advancement in competitive skating; that important lessons should be learned by losing; that one must learn to lose well before becoming a top winner; and in any case, one must be a good sport and friend to one’s fellow competitors.

This book fills a hole in skating literature and will inspire some children to become skaters, others to achieve at another sport, and all to appreciate competition in sport.

Patricia Patterson

Adult Skater, Clearwater, Florida

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