The Lion-Hearted Puppy – New!

The Lion-Hearted Puppy is a captivating story about a guide dog named Maddy, who was lovingly raised in Wisconsin and trained at Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Maddy’s life story, told through her eyes, will take you on a wonderful journey filled with life lessons that prepared her to be an amazing guide dog. Her heartfelt story is educational for all ages.


Lion-Hearted Puppy Book Reviews

A heartwarming story which personifies Lionism;  serving others. You won’t be able to put this book down as you learn how Maddy grows up to be a Leader Dog. A story for all ages, perfect as a read together or read alone book.

Wayne Madden and his wife Linda

Past International President of Lions Club International, Founders of the Lions Reading Action Program

A delightful, interactive children’s book taking us on the journey of one little puppy to become a guide dog hero. Jim’s story captures the loving bonds created between Leader Dog Maddy and the humans that touched her life.

Beverly Kramer

Speech and Language Pathologist, Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Leader Dogs for the Blind

The Lion-Hearted Puppy is quite the must read. 

A great opportunity for children to learn life lessons that inspire.

Jim Dratfield


As a teacher of young children, I have read thousands of children’s books and am always looking for ones that explain, in an engaging way, how things work or that have a valuable lesson. Jim’s book does both. The Lion-Hearted Puppy fills a valuable niche in children’s literature, it’s a great educational tool for students, creating an authentic understanding of the needs of the blind and the amazing skills of their faithful guide dogs.

Gregory Sliwinski

Puppy Raiser

Children’s Review Corner

The Lion Hearted Puppy is a touching story that helps people understand the hard work and effort of a seeing eye dog. I think it is incredible how much a seeing eye dog can change a person’s life. It is  extraordinary that through training dogs like Maddy they can learn to guide their owner. Not only do they guide their owner in everyday life, but they also have to know when something is dangerous. In the past when I have seen a seeing eye dog, it didn’t even come across my mind that it took over two years to train seeing eye dogs to be able to help human.

Abby Harper

Age 10

I loved this book. It was heartwarming, and would be a great book for all ages, especially children. I liked that it was a true story and that Maddy was a real dog.

I would tell my friends about this book, and I think they’d love it. It is interesting hearing the story from the dogs perspective.

I could imagine a toddler cuddled up in bed listening to their parents read this to them.

Evelyn Lewicki

Age 10

I liked the story because it’s good to serve and help the blind.  I think people should read this book to learn about how hard it is to train service dogs.  People would appreciate them more if they knew how hard they work to help the blind.  It is not easy to train a service dog.  My favorite part of the book is when Maddy gets a medal for saving Jim from getting hit by a car.

Elle Munro

Age 7

I really liked the book! The drawings are outstanding and the fact that it’s based on a true story makes it a really special book.

Silje Jensen

Age 9

I really liked this book because it is a true story. I thought it was nice that Maddy had a lot of homes full of people who loved her and were kind.. Everyone helped teach her so she could become a guide dog. I liked the pictures too. They are really good.

Elliot Glassner

Age 8

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